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The Art of Car Washing – A Detailed Guide to Properly Washing Your Car

Washing your car can seem like a simple task but with the large selection of products and many different ways you can wash your car, this simple task can become overwhelming very quickly. Generally, there are three different methods of washing: the traditional 2-bucket method, the rinseless method, and the waterless method. This blog will outline the traditional 2-bucket method, which is still regarded by most people as the safest way to clean a vehicle, as it has been proven to minimize the chance of adding swirl marks and scratches to your paint's finish. This blog is focused on washing [...]

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If You Can’t Wash Your Own Car…A Guide to Finding a Quality Wash

Automatic Car Wash, just those words alone give me an uneasy feeling…”Why?” you may ask. Well, there are thousands of washes in your area from touch-less to automatic to hand car washes…but let’s just say that VERY few of them will NOT seriously damage your car’s paint/clear coat. First, an automatic car wash should NEVER be your first option. Weather and circumstances permitting, you should always wash your own car. If you’ve never washed your own car, Forma’s Detailing Tips section is a great resource to learn the proper techniques. However, if you find yourself in dire needs of a [...]

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